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Chinese Nuts Good Sale - الشركة المصنعة والمصنع والمورد من الصين

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  • Delicious Chinese Hazel nuts

    Delicious Chinese Hazel nuts

    Hazelnut fruit taste good, nutritious, the nuts 47-68% oil content, protein 23%, fat 56-65%, starch 6.6%, also contains vitamin A, B, E and minerals such as iron, calcium.Hazelnut nutrients for bread 2 times, 1.5 times that of pork can be used in confectionary in manufacturing, medicine and spices by hazel extract...

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  • American Dianthus Good Sale

    American Dianthus Good Sale

    Spathe carnation (Dianthus barbatus l.) also known as sweet John kam and colorful carnations, ten samples, caryophyllaceae perennial herbs, 30-60 cm tall, erect stems, leaf blade lanceolate, spend majority, integrated heads, petals have long nails, disc ovate, usually red, purple with white stripes, capsule ovoid,...

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  • Sale Verbena Flower Seeds

    Sale Verbena Flower Seeds

    Color design and color is more Germination warm 10 to 30 ℃ While the number of days 10-14 Grow warm 5 to 35 ℃ Is a perennial.Root shallow, not resistant to transplant, should be broadcast live.Northern spring, general can blossom in June.Seed germination is too light, should be appropriate shade, the seedling stage to...

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  • Allium Giganteum Regul Sale

    Allium Giganteum Regul Sale

    Allium giganteum ، الاسم الشائع العملاق البصل ، هو نوع من البصل الآسيوي ، الأصلي في وسط وجنوب غرب آسيا ولكن يزرع في العديد من البلدان كمصنع حديقة مزهرة. وهو أطول نبات الزينة في الزراعة المشتركة ، وينمو إلى 1.5 متر (4.9 قدم) . في وقت مبكر من منتصف الصيف ، تظهر الكرات الصغيرة من umbels الأرجواني الضيقة ، تليها umbels...

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  • Chinese Fresh Adzuki Beans

    Chinese Fresh Adzuki Beans

    Product Type: Kidney Beans Type: red Style: Dried Drying Process: AD Packaging: Bulk, Gift Packing, Vacuum Pack, bags Cultivation Type: Common Shelf Life: 12 months Place of Origin:China(Mainland) color: ed and speckled Size: 200-220 pcs/100g Red bean is annual, erect or twining

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