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Color design and color is more
Germination warm 10 to 30
While the number of days 10-14
Grow warm 5 to 35

Is a perennial.Root shallow, not resistant to transplant, should be broadcast live.Northern spring, general can blossom in June.Seed germination is too light, should be appropriate shade, the seedling stage to keep the soil moist.Germinating slowly, at 10 to 30 temperature, two weeks after emergence.Warm regions as a perennial cultivation, planting site should give sufficient basal, growing season fertilizer water 1-2 times a month, when the summer drought attention to irrigation.Sex is fond of warm and humid climate, sunny and fertile, drainage good sandy loam, not cold.Verbena stem stocky prostrate, is a good material, long flowering, in addition to habitat CaiLiaoChu used in flower beds, flower, also can be potted ornamental, or large area planted for urban road green belts, big wheel, a slope, etc.

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